Last Man Contingent  

About Us

The Last Man Contingent is an international, Multigaming Community founded on three main principles: Fun, Freedom and Good Humour. Originally Starting off as a small Grand Theft Auto group, The Red Talons on the 23rd of October 2015 started and began using freedom as it's strong point. Within Months the community soon took off reaching high popularity within the gaming population, bringing in and forming a community of good humoured, fun players capable of having a laugh, having fun an d still getting the job done. The Talon's Prided itself on being one of the few places left where players can do what they want, say what they want and to have a strong socially bonded team with members from around the world. 

After a successful 2015  on Grand Theft Auto, the Red Talons began to push further into gaming by becoming the Last Man Contingent in 2016. The LMCT has since been providing players with an active team based community open to trying all games and giving members a place to call home. As numbers grew within the community, the Last Man Contingent has devised a Cuntstitution which is the system the group operates under to ensure peace and equality without having to police a large population or an extreme leadership position  which plagues other groups and communities out there. 

What sets the LMCT Apart from other gaming communities out there?

To put it short and sweet, our community does not give a shit. We are comprised of older players with real lives and an understanding of reality. Gaming is for fun and enjoyment. We do not care about privileges, drama or small insignificant issues and keep problems and dramas in the real world. All we ask is for our members to enjoy the community for what it is and what it is for which is social, team based multigaming and to be able to take humour and vulgarity without taking it personally. Due to this stance, it is important that new lookers to the group contemplate this before applying as anything which causes drama or an unjustified disturbance will be dealt with in the quickest and easiest solution, a good hard solid boot. 

Unlike other groups out there, we are for equality...the real version of it. Where regardless of rank, social status or time within the community, all members are equal and all under the cuntstitution. Same goes for Males, Females, black or white we will equally take the piss out of you. 

Any Events?